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It is important that you consider a solution to protect your legacy and ensure that your estate is managed in accordance with your wishes.


Assure Lawyers prepares various types of wills, appropriate to your needs. These include simple wills, complex wills with special bequests and wills incorporating a testamentary trust.

A will with a testamentary trust is an effective mechanism to accommodate the future needs or minor beneficiaries and to protect assets against claims that may arise against your beneficiaries.

Discretionary trusts

Discretionary trusts are commonly used to acquire and hold assets. It is established by a deed executed by a settlor and trustee.

A trustee is responsible for the management of the trust in the interest of the beneficiaries. A family trust is a common type of discretionary trust, used to hold and protect family assets.

We advise on trust structures, the roles and responsibilities of the parties to the trust deed, and review and/or prepare trust deeds and amendments to trust deeds.